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Styx's Sims


Still fairly new to Tumblr, but I'm pretty much hooked, now. :)

Probably on the older end of the Sims community. Love older bands that most people nowadays probably have never heard of. This is mostly a simblr, but I do reblog other stuff (Dr. Who, HIMYM, Joss Whedon, funny stuff, and cute animals, mostly). I'd say it's probably 75%/25%, depending on how much time I have to get some simming done. <3

Anyone recognize these two lovely ladies?  They look a bit different in TS4. :)

Of course I had to make my DITFT founder, Stone Moss.  His skin is too green thanks to the LACK OF COLOR SLIDERS (grrrrr) but I think he looks pretty close. :)  I also made his lovely wife, Heather.

Hey Simblr! Long time no see…

Sorry I’ve been MIA guys.  I’ve gotten really into drawing since I got my tablet a couple years ago.  But TS4 is coming out and despite how mad I am at EA, I might give it a chance.  The CAS demo is fun, anyway.

So here’s the obligatory TS4 Styx simself. :)

Pretty Sycamore!

Well, she was brought back safely, but it seems she’s still bitter about the whole ordeal.

No Molly, don’t go into the light!

….Too late.  I swear, these two get abducted more than any other sims I’ve ever had.

Oh yeah, Cosmos has an imaginary friend, Cuddles.  Moving on.

Molly’s an adult now, and is going through a mid-life crisis.  The only wish I let her complete was cutting her hair.  No, ma’am, you may not flirt with someone other than Stone or move to a new house.  Pffft.

Cosmos brought a friend over!  I love the genetics in this town.

Molly: "Cosmos, who’s your little girlfriend?  You two are certainly cute together!"

Cosmos: "Okay, best two out of three who has to tell my mom that you’re not my ‘little girlfriend’."

Cos grew up again!  He’s definitely a cutie.  I can see some of his dad in him.

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