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Styx's Sims


Still fairly new to Tumblr, but I'm pretty much hooked, now. :)

Probably on the older end of the Sims community. Love older bands that most people nowadays probably have never heard of. This is mostly a simblr, but I do reblog other stuff (Dr. Who, HIMYM, Joss Whedon, funny stuff, and cute animals, mostly). I'd say it's probably 75%/25%, depending on how much time I have to get some simming done. <3

So believe it or not, this guy, Brendan Vincent I think his name is, actually turned out to be quite nice!  Eva’s been spending a lot of time with him…she better make sure she didn’t write anything about him she might regret him seeing. ;)

Sleeping alone for the first time in so many years…

Farewell, Travis. :(

Writer by day, bar fly by night.  Eva figures that hey, if she doesn’t find a good man, at least she’ll have plenty of material for her stories!

Travis: “What, no grilled cheese for me?”

Cait: “What kind of wife do you think I am?  There’s some in the fridge for you.”

Callie: “Hey, Annabelle, did you know I could levitate?”

Uh, what now?!

Look who’s here for a visit! Mason brought Callie over to play with Annabelle. :)

Cait: “Wow, I’ve been wanting to see what this is like for a looooong time.”

Drew: “See what what is like?”

Cait: “Being thin!’

Drew: “Aw Mom, you were always beautiful.”

Cait: “I’ll tell you a secret, though, son.  I’ve learned from Bella. Never hold back on the things you want to do, because you never know how much time is left. Here, take one last picture with me.”

Drew: “What do you mean, one last picture?  Mom, you’re scaring me.”

Cait: “Sshhh, just smile, dear.”

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